You Shouldn’t Be Surprised Lance Armstrong Doped & Lied

Really. Nobody should be surprised that Lance Armstrong doped and lied about it. Why? Well, let’s look at the guy’s history …

Exhibit A: He left his wife of 5 years (who had born him 3 children) for singer-songwriter, Sheryl Crow. In fact, he began dating Crow very shortly after he filed for divorce with his wife.

Exhibit B: He left Sheryl Crow about 2 years after that.

Exhibit C: 2 years after breaking up with Crow, he announced his new girlfriend, Anna Hansen, was pregnant.

Now, if a guy is willing to treat his wives and girlfriends that way, why not a competitor? Why not a business associate? A sponsor? A friend?

I’m not saying all divorcees are dishonest or bad people. Obviously, that’s not the case. There are perfectly good and justifiable reasons for ending a marriage.

But when a person has a track record of cheating or abandoning those he professes to care about … those he’s sworn to love, honor, and care for until death do them part … that’s a glaring red flag.

This popular fiction that just because a person’s personal life is messy doesn’t mean their business life is tainted (or vice-versa) is quite frankly a fairy-tale.

A liar is a liar, is a liar, is a liar. It makes no difference whether they’re lying to family members, political constituents, fans, business partners, clients, or coworkers.

Don’t be surprised when a liar lies to you. Don’t be astounded when a cheater cheats.


That’s my two cents.

My hope and prayer is that this scandal doesn’t negatively impact LiveStrong too much. They’re a wonderful organization run by many good people. I’m so sorry for them having to cope with this. It’s got to be a nightmare.

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