TIME Magazine Names Obama: Here’s My ‘Person Of The Year’ … An Inspiring True Hero!

TIME Magazine just announced that President Barack Obama is their 2012, ‘Person Of The Year.’

Now, I’m not posting this to make any kind of a political statement, or to find fault with TIME Magazine’s choice, but I thought, “If TIME has a ‘Person Of The Year,’ why can’t my website?”  So, here is …

Jennifer Grassman Music’s
Person Of The Year:
Sergeant Dennis Weichel

Sergeant Dennis Weichel

March, 2012: “A Rhode Island National Guardsman gave his life … to save an Afghan child from being rundown in the road. Sergeant Dennis Weichel was in Northeastern Afghanistan where some local children were on the road, collecting brass shell casings. An armored vehicle somehow got put into gear and began rolling forward. Most of the children were able to get out of the way, but one little girl didn’t have the chance. Weichel came to her rescue and dragged her to safety, but was hit by the armored vehicle himself and killed in the process.” – FOX News

Sergeant Weichel is a true hero, a sterling representative of America overseas, and the kind of person I wish I’d had to honor to know. May God bless his family and friends. They were blessed to have him in their lives. May God grant them peace in his memory this Christmas.

Read more about Sergeant Weichel here.

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  1. Love that! Glad you did your own Person of the Year…..

    I also just heard your Carol of the Bells on Pandora….that was an incredible arrangement 🙂 My daughter plays piano and that song is her favorite – as soon as you get sheet music out I’ll be buying it 🙂

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