The Mortifying-Anniversary-Prom-Night-Gone-Wrong-Zio’s-Bathroom Experience

OK. Here’s for Andrew, Rachel, Sheila, and Lacyn … because they asked (o:

For my birthday dinner (and because Elowyn and I are under the weather), Jason brought home take out from Zio’s tonight. It was an absolutely delicious chicken alfredo dinner … and I got to reminiscing …

For our wedding anniversary one year, Jason and I went to Zio’s Restaurant. Despite the fact that it was prom night and the place was overrun by teenagers, we were seated promptly. We placed our order, and were waiting at the table. I decided to go powder my nose, so off I went to the bathroom.

[… we’ll skip a small part of my story …]

Just as I was zipping up my pants, I heard a bunch of giggling. I looked up, and above the bathroom stall door someone was holding a phone, with a camera, apparently filming me or taking photos.

I screamed at the perpetrators, “What the HELL are you doing?!”

There was massive giggling, a clacking of many high heeled shoes, and before I could get decent and throw the stall door open, they were gone.

I. Was. Horrified!!!

There was one teenage girl in the bathroom, who claimed she hadn’t seen a thing (very likely), but admitted after questioning that it was some of her friends – she didn’t know who (yeah right) – who were celebrating prom with her in the restaurant’s party room.

Long story short. I told the manager, who was extremely apologetic and discombobulated, and he went and questioned the kids. Nobody admitted anything (this incident reminded me in so many ways of why I’d hated being in high school) and as far as I’m aware the brats were never caught. For all I know there are photos and/or video clips of me squatting on the John floating randomly over the internet and Facebook.

We did however get free dinner. And free dessert. And free wine. So that was nice.

Anyway, that is my mortifying-anniversary-prom-night-gone-wrong-Zio’s-bathroom experience.

Have you ever been embarrassed in public?

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