My Birthday, My Baby, and … (I can’t think of another B word … Bordeaux?)

Sleepy Elowyn

Tonight was supposed to be my birthday date night. We were going to drop 3 month old Elowyn off at Church for babysitting, go out to eat, and go ice skating in The Woodlands. But, poor Elowyn is sick. At first it was a mild fever and fussiness. Due to her excessive drooling and sucking on her fingers, I initially thought it was probably just teething. But no. Today she woke up at 3am with a very stuffy nose and a cough.

Poor baby! And now mommy seems to be getting it too …

Needless to say, our plans have changed. Now, we’re going to stay cozy at home with our sweet little baby. Jason is getting take out and bringing home and bottle of wine and a movie from RedBox.

Any suggestions on what we should watch?

Life is good. It has it’s snuffles and its aches and pains and sleepless nights. But when you get to snuggle and play with an adorable healthy baby and spend your free time with a thoughtful and handsome hubby … you really can’t complain!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



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  1. First of all: The best wishes for your birthday! And please stay healthy 😉
    btw: I indeed have some suggestion what movie you could watch together. I’m not sure if it’s some movie for you or you’ve already seen it but I stumbled upon “Legend of the Guardians” yesterday. All I know is: It’s a movie about OWLS! You know? Owls! Those cute, fluffy and smart birds. 😉 I haven’t seen it yet but my DVD will arrive tomorrow 🙂 And there are also books I’m going to read soon I guess.
    Have a nice day,
    Andreas (:

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