How The World Looks From Here: Elowyn Lenore, Born August 26, 2012

BEFORE (August 25):

I felt absolutely horrible, was very swollen (look at my face!!!), and in a good deal of pain the day before she was born. I had a feeling I was going to go into labor soon, so I painted my nails blue (my favorite color) and snapped one last picture of my low, low, belly.

AFTER (August 26):

Sunday, August 26, 3:45 PM. A little miracle. 7.14 lbs, 21″ long.

This is my little Sleeping Beauty, Elowyn Lenore.


Every morning I wake up to see my little family beside me. Most nights, Elowyn starts out in her bassinet, but consistently winds up in bed with us, since she needs to be fed every two to three hours. She loves to fold her hands up under her face and – at only two weeks – can already roll over onto her side.

She particularly loves hanging out in her Boppy pillow.

She hates taking baths.

She has really big yawns.

She can almost hold her head up.

She loves her daddy.

She is very fond of her big brothers, Mr. Bingley and Shadowfax, and even lets them borrow her bassinet when she doesn’t need it.

She loves sleeping in her car seat and wearing funny hats.

But she does NOT like headbands.

And she loves to talk to her mommy and daddy. Mostly this involves little coos and gurgles and excited wiggles and kicks.

This is the face she made when she heard the neighbor’s dogs barking for the first time:

She’s my little snuggle-bunny!

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    1. Thanks so much! Jason made it up. We wanted something that sounded like a Lord Of The Rings name, without naming her after a character. It’s a mix of Eleanor or Ella and Wynne, so it means, “Light Fairy” or “Fairy of Light” (o:

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