What To Do This Weekend? Join A Top Secret Posse. (You Know You Want To)

“You know the password?”

I’m scouring the earth for awesome posse members. We’ll meet on Skype once or twice a month to brainstorm ideas for how to build my music up and review progress. Posse members may also help with simple tasks like collecting information about cool magazines, radio stations, and sharing music videos on Facebook and Twitter. Posse members will have exclusive pre-release access to MP3s, music videos, and generally be kept in the loop about upcoming events before the public has any idea what’s going on. T’will be quite fun and extremely mercenary!  Let me know if you want in (o:

Things we’ll conspire on include:

  • Planning, shooting, and buzzing music videos
  • Identifying cool radio shows and getting radio airplay
  • Networking with journalists and creating newsworthy events to generate press reviews
  • Developing unusual & exciting concert experiences
  • Album art design
  • Picking singles from Once Upon A Time
  • Designing crowd sourced film & art projects

… and more!

Check out THIS BLOG for more ideas and a general overview of where I’m hoping to take my music over the next year.

Email me HERE with questions, ideas, and to join the posse!  Thanks!



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