My Ingenious, Creative, & Slightly Nefarious Plot To Take Over The World!

“Siren Song” (2009) by one of my favorite artists, Clifford Bailey.

Here’s What We Know:

My music is most popular with people who love literature, art, theater, culture, attending posh events like house concerts and wine tastings, and giving patronage to charities such as museums, art galleries, and performing arts societies. They still buy physical albums and collect “special editions” of their favorite CDs, books, and films. Another random fact: They tend to love animals.

A second demographic my music tends to appeal to falls within the conservative and/or Christian crowd, and it’s made up of people who are looking for music that has a positive message (i.e. not saturated with sex, drugs, violence, and narcissism), yet isn’t cookie cutter “worship music” like you’d typically hear on mainstream Christian radio.

My music is artsy. And positive. And dark. But still positive. (You know what I’m trying to say.)

So. Here’s my ingenious, creative, and slightly nefarious plot to take over the world (and you’re totally invited to help out! I’m going to need a posse to make this happen). We shall …


  • Select a song or 2 for listeners, theatrical peeps, film gurus, and animators to make their own music videos and photo collages for. Viewers can vote. Figure out some sort of prize for the winner. Possibly a pet turtle named Bullet Bill. Scratch that. Maybe an interview in my Washington Times Communities column? Whatever the prize, the winner’s video will be deemed an “official” Jennifer Grassman music video and be featured everywhere I can feature it.
  • Make 1 or 2 crowd-sourced collage videos using submitted film snippets, photography, and other visual art from listeners.
  • Team up with Kaitlin Grassman of Penny Electric to shoot 2-5 more awesomeful music videos.


  • Perform during the intermission or opening of a theatrical play, ballet, or other performing arts show.
  • Book a concert series at a cool museum, winery, or art gallery.
  • Coordinate some wildly creative shows that feature a ballerina, or painter, or magician, or rhythmic gymnast, or fire juggler … Make each concert (or at least one song during each concert) into a performance art piece (i.e. a memorable experience). Give people something to talk about!


  • Tap into Satellite Radio. Find some artsy shows that would compliment my music and work on networking with the music directors.
  • Begin stalking cool NPR peeps.


  • Indeed. I shall blog. Just like I’m doing now. And I shall write interesting things. Things about music, babies, cats, and also pastries, because I love pastries and baking.
  • I shall also trade blog posts with other artsy, musical, bookworm, writer people like myself so we can offer our readerships a greater and more interesting variety of posts.

So … who’s with me?!?! I need a posse to help me brainstorm and make this stuff happen. We will convene  for top secret meetings on Skype.  It will be fun!  And you can help with as much or as little as often as you want. We’ll be very informal yet relatively organized and generally goal oriented.  Firstly, what shall we call our posse? I’m open to ideas.

Please comment below with your thoughts, questions, feedback, suggestions, and tips on how I can hit the above targets with Annie Oakley precision and poise.  Thanks!  I’m excited!



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